Written by André Boße
Date: 5th December 2019

Konni Kass Live at Clouds Hill

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Perfection is never perfect

Konni Kass came in to visit Clouds Hill Recordings, but there was no big plan. Ok, we had an e-piano, there were microphones set up, the mixing desk was ready, and a small audience… you know, we could just record the five songs that this singer-songwriter from the Faroe Islands had prepared. Although this is not usually the way for Johann Scheerer to proceed in his Hamburg studio, that normally prides itself on its careful and intricate preparation, but it was decided to “just see what happens”. But if Konni Kass is playing her songs, then even the most careful coordination can come awry.

Konni Kass started with her song “Surrender”, and straight up, it was only about the music — this mix between a melodious Nordic sound, modern pop and intense soul — sung in a voice that was searingly beautiful and sweetly nostalgic from the northern parts of Europe. You had to think and Tina Dico, but also of Nina Simone, a mind-blowing mix. Once the five pieces were in the can, the producer Johann Scheerer thought it would be a crying shame not to do something more with the recording. Which brings us to this Live EP by Konni Kass at Clouds Hill — a personal, almost intimate audio document, an unexpected gift, a delightful surprise. “The producer was unable to make it sound any better”, reported Scheerer. But maybe, this recording sounds so wonderful, because nothing in this world can be completely perfect.

Konni Kass comes from Tórshavn, the capital city of the Faroe Islands. It is home to 13 000 people, with the whole country boasting about 50 000. The islands are green, the weather usually pretty miserable, the fog impenetrable — what else can you do but make music? The number of acts that come from Faroe Islands is astounding, with some, like Teitur or Eivør gaining fame internationally — and Konni Kass is set to be the next in line. Taking a break from her medical degree, this singer-songwriter is concentrating entirely on her music. Her first, much celebrated album came out in 2016 on the Tutl label from Torshavn. This live EP is the start of a whole new phase in her career, the world is waiting for Konni Kass — and next time she drops by Clouds Hill Recordings, Johann Scheerer is promising absolute perfection in recording. Just listen to “Surrender”, and already, the anticipation is overwhelming!





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